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New Chapter. New Season. #GirlInTheCity2

Hi folks, It's been a wondrous experience having reviewed The Trip, a webseries launched by Lakshya on Bindass, an Indian television channel (for people who aren't aware). Some of you might wonder why the heck am I doing this reviewing when I have brought this blog mainly to focus on literary fiction in the young adults genre. Well, guess what? 
Before starting to explore the arena of blogging, I had written some articles for websites such as Rangmunch (Neeraja Unni) and others such as Muniza Riaz. It was a fun experience writing content which appealed to fans of crime-reated English shows such as The Good Wife and The Mentalist as well as Indian shows such as Parvarishh which was a parenthood-based show. I had always preferred shorter and finite shows which showed brevity and quality. I still miss these shows but as the years went by, my tastes were intrinsically tuned to the liking of webseries catered to young adults and both women-centric webseries and sketch comedies, he…