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Prelude to Missed Connections

Hi folks,

If you had checked out 'New Projects' page, you would surely guessed it right. I have come up with a new short story. It is shaping up well. I thought why not give up a short prelude?? What say? Go on and take a look.

Prelude: "Why in the world would you even think of going for therapy, Namik? I don't see a fault in your stars unlike this guy sitting around here, living a lavish lifestyle, who actually is in the right place for therapy instead!!' Sanjay looked at Namik for an answer. Rohan, on the other hand, elbowed him and hit him hard. "What's your problem,huh, Sanjay??And at which angle do you think therapy so called suits me??Am I that abnormal to you??" "Why do you two feel so offensive just at the thought of therapy??Sanjay,Rohan..Just listen up,ok? There are certain things in my life that's bothering me. And perhaps...." "Perhaps what, Namzy? You'll spend thousands of Indian rupees over some sessions when you…