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The Trip Season Finale Review + #GirlInTheCity is BACK!!!!!

My deepest apologies for not having chosen to finish reviewing the web-series and do justice to those who had been religiously watching over my blog for updates on The Trip. It had been on e of those rough patches of my life where I inevitably opted to be amongst my loved ones who needed me but more than that, the net connectivity while I had been touring in India had been one hell of a bumpy ride.

As the series had come to an end in the midst of February, just by Valentine's Day, I wondered if it was a true coincidence if the end had been planned around the time where love bloomed.

With the girls behind bars, everything had seemed so blurry for all. Ananya rather be there, avoiding all sorts of confrontation with her parents after Arjun's parents had called off the wedding due to the unexpected circumstance that had befallen them. Sanjana was quite content with what had happened, thinking it to be just what Ananya's heart truly wanted. Perhaps her "karma" playe…