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The Trip Episode 8: #WhereIsTheRing (Climax of Webseries)

The Trip Episode 8: #WhereIsTheRing #TheHangover #FourFriendsOnTheLoose #WhoIsSuku #NazInDeepShit #CuddlesWeddingCalledOff #AdventureEndedInCufflinks
Rise and Shine.
A slow gradual but slurry morning, had it been for the foursome who had laid haphazardly on the beach. How do they often end up laid on the beach, one may wanna ask. Remember questions are barely a part of fictionalised series. You don't ask, you watch!! We can still overlook this part of the series with picturesque view of the breathtaking beach in Koh Samui. Shonali was waking the girls up and Anna was smiling to herself,seeing the names Adil and Neil being written on either side of the former’s bum. Perfect spots for the guys in her indecisive heart.
The delirious girls finally started walking. Naz was leading the team, feeling proud of the fact that they had gone one step ahead with a Hangover, concluding a perfect Bachelorette party but Ananya’s heart was filled with apprehension. Her paranoia surely kicked reality in all…

Crossing Borders to Meeting Someone Special


When four single, well, in this case, involved in almost single, committed or complicated cases of relationships, are out on a bachelorette trip, anything extreme is bound to happen. Keep that thought in mind while I bring you along the different paths they took to reach Koh Samui from their previous destination, St. Mary's School.

Hours passed by them and possibly days before they reached the hotel of their choice in Koh Samui. The exotic and picturesque views that the hotel presented were very well depicted in the series and shall I say, I was as equally excited as the girls who had arrived in their room...Be it in delight upon seeing free champagne, jumping in the springy bed like small kids, wanting to sleep in the bath tub or even enjoying the winds that accompanied them. If Sanjana,Ananya and Shonali were forthcoming with their excitement knowing no boundaries, Naz was suppressing it, ver…