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The Trip Episode 5: #AndThenTheyBecameFour Trip Back To School Days. Friendship to the Test. Shonali's Dil In Mushkil???


And Then They Became Four!!!

For starters, we had an inkling when Adil introduced us to Ananya, Nazia and Shonali as the 'Trimurti', as the old clique of buddies before he met Sanjana. This episode, as @saurabh_bhowal tweeted on this episode:

This episode most definitely brought the feels and you'll know why, in the coming paragraphs.

Welcome to St. Mary's School, where the Trimurti met, had experienced the slices of the initial stages of life. Learning to love something whole-heartedly, enjoying each other's company, be it certain sports such as basketball for Shonali, food for thought between Naz and Ananya and in these years of naivety, they grew up to be the best of buds, keeping their friendship still intact over these years. Today a new chapter unfolded in their friendship, especially one between Naz and Ananya when the latter had clearly crossed her limits of belittling her, making a mockery out of her built. Now did we see that coming for both of them? I clearly didn't but my heart truly went all the way out to Naz in these moments. No friend, in any sense, be it just out of jokes and banter and for other reasons, would want to cross the lines. A layer was slowly being peeled from Naz's thick skin here. She too had feelings of her own ad she clearly had much more insecurities especially when Ananya had somewhat mocked her in front of Sanjana.

Naz had issues with Sanjana being a close friend of Ananya. That was pretty clear from the start. It was as though Sanjana had come out of nowhere and in between their friendship. From a small cutesy flashback, we could see Naz and Ananya first bonding and becoming best friends over their physical images and of course, over food, which was more than a reason for Naz. Naz had pointed out several things tat has affected her such as being bullied about and the pressure of actually living up to the standards of others and leading a normal life despite her passion and addiction for food. It was well conceived by her that there are various coping strategies which differ from one person to the next. If yoga destressed Ananya, food destressed Naz. And Ananya knew just the right thing to destress their friendship--Chocolate!!(Sshh. ...Don't tell Sanjana!!)

Ananya and Naz were not the only ones who were slowly catching up with the kinds of issues that they've to tackle in their friendship. On the other end were Shonali and Sanjana at a lab or classroom setting where both of them were initially hesitant to even voice out anything. But a tattoo connected their souls. A tattoo with Sanjana's grandparents' initials and a tattoo on a music composition of Shonali sufficed for them to break the ice. Soon after, Ananya and Naz met them.

Sanjana was still a mystery and I'm dying to get some hints about her story. She definitely is made up of weaknesses and a probable hint had suggested that she had masked her weakness in such a way that no one would decipher. She was fondly surprised upon knowing how the three of them would share every single detail of their lives, (leaving out some extra minute details, usually hoping not to get caught) ardently desiring that she had such friendship too but then she had embraced herself, to be content with solitude but Shonali had aptly described to her about the luxury of friendship that brings along with it, that friends will always be there, not what Sanjana had in mind, "What if the weakness stays and friends go?"

There was not much of a surprise behind the story of Ananya's arranged marriage, a norm behind what every average girl of her age goes through. Shweta Tripathi had enacted her scene with such empathy and credibility--Sheer brilliance indeed!!The tinge of tears accompanied, brought along the chapter of life every girl dreads. No girl should ever have a life where she's compelled into or where she's not even given a chance to speak up. The girls,in an attempt, surely did try to cajole Ananya stating how Arjun might change after marriage and listen to her instead of his parents. For a transient period of time, there were smiles and joy on each girl's lips. But we may not know till when the next bump might arrive.

Meanwhile, let's embrace the life's joys as they come by.  

A truly remarkable scene was depicted before the girls left their school--Shonali engraving Sanjana's name along with their names, making her an official part of their group. This was indeed very special, a scene I truly cherished for the week.

The last scene had a lot of girls glueing themselves to the screens--seeing Adil in a terrific brown jacket and talking to Shonali, confessing to her about his breakup with Ruhi and dropping hints, only meant for Shonali. It was now up to her and her "dil" about what she truly wants in life. Neil's proposal is still on hold and Adil had officially made himself available for her. Now what is she waiting for?? No one's got any clues except our director so let's keep guessing along the way as we embark with the girls on their fun and adventurous trip to Thailand!!!


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