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New Chapter. New Season. #GirlInTheCity2

Hi folks, It's been a wondrous experience having reviewed The Trip, a webseries launched by Lakshya on Bindass, an Indian television channel (for people who aren't aware). Some of you might wonder why the heck am I doing this reviewing when I have brought this blog mainly to focus on literary fiction in the young adults genre. Well, guess what? 
Before starting to explore the arena of blogging, I had written some articles for websites such as Rangmunch (Neeraja Unni) and others such as Muniza Riaz. It was a fun experience writing content which appealed to fans of crime-reated English shows such as The Good Wife and The Mentalist as well as Indian shows such as Parvarishh which was a parenthood-based show. I had always preferred shorter and finite shows which showed brevity and quality. I still miss these shows but as the years went by, my tastes were intrinsically tuned to the liking of webseries catered to young adults and both women-centric webseries and sketch comedies, he…

Prelude to Missed Connections

Hi folks,

If you had checked out 'New Projects' page, you would surely guessed it right. I have come up with a new short story. It is shaping up well. I thought why not give up a short prelude?? What say? Go on and take a look.

Prelude: "Why in the world would you even think of going for therapy, Namik? I don't see a fault in your stars unlike this guy sitting around here, living a lavish lifestyle, who actually is in the right place for therapy instead!!' Sanjay looked at Namik for an answer. Rohan, on the other hand, elbowed him and hit him hard. "What's your problem,huh, Sanjay??And at which angle do you think therapy so called suits me??Am I that abnormal to you??" "Why do you two feel so offensive just at the thought of therapy??Sanjay,Rohan..Just listen up,ok? There are certain things in my life that's bothering me. And perhaps...." "Perhaps what, Namzy? You'll spend thousands of Indian rupees over some sessions when you…

The Trip Season Finale Review + #GirlInTheCity is BACK!!!!!

My deepest apologies for not having chosen to finish reviewing the web-series and do justice to those who had been religiously watching over my blog for updates on The Trip. It had been on e of those rough patches of my life where I inevitably opted to be amongst my loved ones who needed me but more than that, the net connectivity while I had been touring in India had been one hell of a bumpy ride.

As the series had come to an end in the midst of February, just by Valentine's Day, I wondered if it was a true coincidence if the end had been planned around the time where love bloomed.

With the girls behind bars, everything had seemed so blurry for all. Ananya rather be there, avoiding all sorts of confrontation with her parents after Arjun's parents had called off the wedding due to the unexpected circumstance that had befallen them. Sanjana was quite content with what had happened, thinking it to be just what Ananya's heart truly wanted. Perhaps her "karma" playe…

The Trip Episode 8: #WhereIsTheRing (Climax of Webseries)

The Trip Episode 8: #WhereIsTheRing #TheHangover #FourFriendsOnTheLoose #WhoIsSuku #NazInDeepShit #CuddlesWeddingCalledOff #AdventureEndedInCufflinks
Rise and Shine.
A slow gradual but slurry morning, had it been for the foursome who had laid haphazardly on the beach. How do they often end up laid on the beach, one may wanna ask. Remember questions are barely a part of fictionalised series. You don't ask, you watch!! We can still overlook this part of the series with picturesque view of the breathtaking beach in Koh Samui. Shonali was waking the girls up and Anna was smiling to herself,seeing the names Adil and Neil being written on either side of the former’s bum. Perfect spots for the guys in her indecisive heart.
The delirious girls finally started walking. Naz was leading the team, feeling proud of the fact that they had gone one step ahead with a Hangover, concluding a perfect Bachelorette party but Ananya’s heart was filled with apprehension. Her paranoia surely kicked reality in all…

Crossing Borders to Meeting Someone Special


When four single, well, in this case, involved in almost single, committed or complicated cases of relationships, are out on a bachelorette trip, anything extreme is bound to happen. Keep that thought in mind while I bring you along the different paths they took to reach Koh Samui from their previous destination, St. Mary's School.

Hours passed by them and possibly days before they reached the hotel of their choice in Koh Samui. The exotic and picturesque views that the hotel presented were very well depicted in the series and shall I say, I was as equally excited as the girls who had arrived in their room...Be it in delight upon seeing free champagne, jumping in the springy bed like small kids, wanting to sleep in the bath tub or even enjoying the winds that accompanied them. If Sanjana,Ananya and Shonali were forthcoming with their excitement knowing no boundaries, Naz was suppressing it, ver…

The Trip Episode 5: #AndThenTheyBecameFour Trip Back To School Days. Friendship to the Test. Shonali's Dil In Mushkil???


And Then They Became Four!!!
For starters, we had an inkling when Adil introduced us to Ananya, Nazia and Shonali as the 'Trimurti', as the old clique of buddies before he met Sanjana. This episode, as @saurabh_bhowal tweeted on this episode:

This episode most definitely brought the feels and you'll know why, in the coming paragraphs.

Welcome to St. Mary's School, where the Trimurti met, had experienced the slices of the initial stages of life. Learning to love something whole-heartedly, enjoying each other's company, be it certain sports such as basketball for Shonali, food for thought between Naz and Ananya and in these years of naivety, they grew up to be the best of buds, keeping their friendship still intact over these years. Today a new chapter unfolded in their friendship, especially one between Naz and Ananya when the latter had clearly crossed her limits of belittling her, making a mockery out of her built. Now did we see that coming for both of…

TheTrip: Episode 4-->Never Have I Ever!! Highlights

The Trip Weekly Digest Never Have I Ever!!!!Party poopers all around. A myriad of secrets OUT of the bag. by JK on 8th January 2017 The Trip episodes, though each measure up to a short 13 minutes, fly swiftly with a pace just right with perfect grappling hooks for each upcoming episode. This week was slightly different though. I'm not entirely disappointed nor satisfied. Sure, there were extremely high voltage scenes which deserve much appreciation. They earn golden nugget points from me but at the same time, I had come across scenes which were merely bleurgh or rather bland. They could have created an impact visually but they didn't.   An overall appealing episode, which could have been made better but nonetheless pretty entertaining too, hence no complaints. :) My ratings:☆☆☆.5/☆☆☆☆☆ THIS WEEK’S TOP SCENES ‘Up up show me the way’ with #ShonAdil
Bammmmmm!!!!A perfect 3-minute start to any episode ever!! Ask any of the fan followers of the Trip and they'll be literally screaming ju…

The Trip:Episode 3--> #BlushAndGlow #BlastFromThePast | A New Entrant | Reunion Party | A Last Chance Before The Knot | Chemistry Awakened | Someone clearly does not Belong Here | Music Revivingroup Two Lost Souls

#BlastFromThePast #TheTrip
Is the third episode eye-opening and gasping-in-shock or what??

The Trip had officially started for the girls, having started on an erratic schedule, lack of sandwiches which decided to fill the tummy of madhouse Nazia so that she could load up on bottles of "daaru"(champagne). Having stopped to rest at some anonymous stop, the 3rd episode starts with a tranquil rise where Mother Nature calls out to the heavenly girls who silently tuned in,all in sync. No words spoken. Just fresh, crisp air and alluring beauty. What was this enigma about Nature that never stops mesmerising us when we stop to adore it?? A calm and serene scene in the beginning surely calls for a mental preparation, that something so volatile is on its way to blast out from NOWHERE!!!
None other than Nazia's guesthouse where a high school reunion party was being held. Girls, especially our bride, Ananya, along the way, surely got nostalgic over eating yummilicious parathe with bu…