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The Trip(Epi 2): #PeachKissed #AndTheAdventureBegins FrictionInTheAir. Escapism. MadnessInTheLongRun. TheGirlsAreLost!!!!

And so the adventure begins…

<Screeching Sounds> Wait!!!!

What happened to Neil and Shonali? What was the big ruckus all about him proposing Shonali??What was her response?

The second episode has got us into the atmosphere very much contrasting to conservative serializable fiction where the prospect of slightly mentioning “Whisper” is taboo!! (Laughs) Lakshya has begun this episode with his crisp take on raw discussions instead of letting out on loose ends, leaving them suspended. There is always a hit he leaves behind for he audience to catch. That was exactly what had happened to Neil’s proposal.

Knowing the clear hot-headed rebel with an uncompromising nature, it was quite easy to guess. Being clear of her non-committal mannerisms, we knew where we were headed in this whole live-in ruckus they’ve created for themselves, at least from Shonali’s perspective. Neil was disappointing. Sure, I was hoping that having lived for her for at least 3 years, he should have figured that his proposal was absolutely untimely and impractical, considering how neither of them have a stable form of security in the long run. His character deserved a much better of expressing his disappointment, in her just brushing and dusting off his proposal, than the clichéd one liner by Ross-Rachel,“We are on a Break” from the unforgettable sitcom,

Hence, to better grasp their somewhat experimental relationship: (Credit: @soulchaat, Twitter)

Shonali appears to be a bit soul-less in the company of Neil; A very promising and functional relationship not having the zing to trigger creative juices. Liked her bold avatar when she went to meet the music producer and she had the balls to show her middle finger.

Neil is rather robotic and expressionless, one of those with hyperactive left brains and monotonous lifestyles. When a left brain Neil and a Right Brain Shonali come under the same roof do they balance out for harmony or do they actually exist in silos; hopefully we will get the answers in the coming episodes.

The friends’ reunion was definitely a sight to watch. The shrieks, the warm hugs, the teasing, madness and craziness among Ananya, Shonali and Naz were captured just perfectly. This moment was a critical element of this episode for it brought forward the already fraught Sanjana in a far more apprehensive spot trying hard to fit in the social circle of Ananya. Feeling unappreciated for her honest opinion on how Ananya has become fit with her help, Sanjana has officially found herself surrounded by powerhouses driven by extroversion, far-fetched from her calm, introspective soul who prefers basking in solitude to being wild party freaks. Her temperament absolutely suits her profession of a yoga teacher, encouraging tranquility, balance and acceptance of one's self. Here, it is a tricky scenario to fully comprehend Sanjana’s character profile.

Sanjana seems to be a clear case of OCD which is one quality that does not fit into a yoga teacher. A novice practitioner can be excused for it but not a teacher. Ironically, yoga is for the body, mind and soul and weight loss is just a possible outcome or side effect. If weight loss is the ultimate goal, then hit the gym, go join some weight loss programs and be happy. The writer must have encountered a pseudo yoga teacher with all these qualities which have shaped his sensibility of yoga from a ring side view. Yoga leads to acceptance and gratitude so this, sneakily throwing away roadside food, or obsessing over safety just does not fit in. She would be far more acceptable as a paranoid soul, suffering OCD and trying to embrace Yoga rather than be a teacher. Infact, Ananya seemed more sorted on this aspect!!

In addition to that, this trip could be a path breaker for her soul, which is in dire need of being open. I find her an exceptional character, someone who would grow the most amongst the rest of the girls. There is amongst special element within her, wanting to break out and be accepted for who she is, instead of being forced to tag amongst long with the bunch of crazy girls who party all night and lose themselves frivolously. Perhaps she may discover the true friendship her soul is desiring or at least someone who makes her realise that she is beautiful inside out. This trip will turn out extraordinary for Sanjana, together with Naz, Ananya and Shonali who are not at all geared up for the impending curves and meandering routes ready to break and rip their souls apart.

What can I say about the rest of the girls here?

Nazia slips into her role with effortless ease. Her spontaneity is infectious and so are her expressions. She is doing what she is very good at and her timing, speaking style is just love. She is the one who steals the show.

Ananya seems to have got engaged to fulfil marriage as one of those activities off her checklist. She conceals her fiancé's disinterest in her friends very cleverly. Will wait and watch if a breakdown will happen on this or she will put up a façade right through projecting Arjun Khanna as the Man.

Ananya is growing to prove me right in ways more than I could possibly imagine. Is she even serious about her marriage? Questions stream out as I ponder over her real intentions behind her wanting to marry Arjun Khanna in the first place. Giving importance to superficial candyfloss feelings of love is not going to help at all. She gives off a vibe of being an escapist, not wanting to confront her true feelings or at least being honest with herself at this episode but we do not know what's in store for her in the upcoming episodes. I'm crossing my fingers!!!

I rest my case tonight with a beautiful sum up of what road trips are meant to be by @soulchaat from Twitter:👇👇👇👇

Road Trips are all about missed turns, impromptu stops, and letting yourself loose which was very well portrayed. Life's best lessons are learnt on the road specially patience, adjustment, thinking on your feet and of course accepting and embracing all that comes along. Wrong dates, wrong hotels are pretty common among seasoned travellers too and the way they adjusted in tents was remarkable. The early morning conversation was pretty touching; about women being there for each other and marriage or seeking male company not being the ultimate goal.

They've got a good chance of passing ahead for Bechdel’s Test which doesn't involve guy talk for deep conversations without male company can last an eternity for them.

The upcoming promo looks extremely exciting for all Namik Paul fans as his entry is anticipated to be next Thursday as Adil. His teaser scenes with Shonali definitely look enticing and sizzling with all the unspoken tension doing all the communication for them if someone had not come in between. What's going on? Let's find out in the next episode so stay tuned!!!




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