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Bindass TV's The Trip: #PeachKissed & Imsmitten (Episode 1) Giggles. Rushed Decisions. Mastermind Plan in Action

As one looks on the teaser which had been launched a couple of days back, I had clearly felt my heart skipping several beats. 4 girls. 3 countries. Travel plans for a bachelorette party. The only opportunity for a bride-to-be to go freaking wild and liberal with her bunch of besties.

Champagne. Shots. Hot beach-bod guys. Mood Swings. Confusion. Music. Love. New perspectives. Sunshine. Hormones on Overdrive. New connections. Reinventing yourself. Friendship to the test. Unforgettable memories.
15th December, 7 pm. The clock kept ticking and I finally went on to catch the first episode of the webseries. After watching the previous work of Lakshya Raj Anand(Girl In The City), my expectations were on the rise.

We meet Shonali, who's undecided between her umpteen love for her music and being on a dead-end bartending job. Meeting Neil on a late night at the bar after her shift hours was a lucky charm on its own. Saying this was merely an understatement. Shonali just needed a reassurance to follow her heart in a practically brave manner. Since then, 3 years had passed since their live-in relationship in Sydney, far from her besties. As one could predict, following one's dream, especially in the creative industry is one hell of a ride, having to stand and hold her head high above rough waters and keep fighting instead of having to compromise just to make ends meet. Shonali had the passion and she clearly possessed the attitude of a rebel, a fighter in the making, given her impulsive spot-on reaction to the supposedly bigshot who had only perceived her music style as a one-night stand and would love to make profits from her face. However, there was an element of truth in the entire meeting--the prospect of attaining fresh perspectives to the types of music she creates.

In the midst of her scenes, we came across three other girls, the besties in New Delhi. Naz, the blunt, mad, uncensored laugh riot who wouldn't think twice of filtering her thoughts and say it out loud. For instance, given her instant mannerism of jeopardising her interview with her witty remarks, F*CKR(read as FAQR). Nothing stays in her tummy, not even the story behind Ananya getting hitched in a totally rash and impractical manner, as Naz summarized it for Shona. Of course, she had to quell any sign of dissent in front of Ananya and the calm-hearted, dreamy, yoga-pro Sanjana but being a tad closer to Shona, she blurted out her precise thoughts, laying them out as they were without any hesitation. A special bond of friendship, they share in similitude to the moments shared between Ananya and Sanju, who might even bend her ways around just for Ananya's sake, even if that meant to compromise with the wild ways of Nazia.

The first episode, as Lakshya had subtly plotted, has laid a core foundation to the layers and tricky contours of the friendship, a clear sign of challenging veracities, crossing boundaries and dealing with wild mood swings, turning this trip into an official roller coaster ride not to be forgotten.
Lakshya had dropped hints of his classic signature style of directing the webseries, leaving the end at a cliffhanger, elevating the hopes of ardent fans all alike. With Neil popping the question unexpectedly, the first thing that would have definitely run in Shona's head was 'Bummer!'. She had come to him with the exciting news of her chit being selected for Ananya's bachelorette trip itinerary, stumbling upon the accidental trip from India to Thailand. But what had he done to her now??
First Ana's rashness and now Neil's proposing?? Shona was clearly baffled and mystified. Clueless. But does this have a connection to someone who has not been yet introduced in this show yet?? Could she be thinking of Adil (Namik Paul) in this process? Did she have a sizzling past with him? What if he were to make a comeback into her life all of a sudden? Or is she simply contemplating on taking everything slow instead of rushing into a life-changing decision especially when she has nothing enriching with her to provide except her passion for music??

So much of excitement are abuzz and mind you, these are sheer, maddening speculations that rose up while analyzing the shades of various entries in this series.

What makes the show ultra promising? Be it the true romantic at heart Ananya who's perhaps rushing into her marriage for the wrong reasons, the laugh riot, Nazia, the bestie most of us would have had at least had at one phase of our lives, the sexy, bronzed, dusky Shonali whose wild, extroverted nature and passion for music makes us wanna find that one particular passion in our lives and revive our dreams and be adventurous for God's sake and Sanjana, who's ever determined to get her best friend all prepped up for her upcoming wedding. The calm, spirited soul who can destress us and invigorate our souls; I bet she's gonna benefit the most out of this trip by being capable of finally revealing her innermost feelings instead of often burying the fragile emotions in the name of yoga.

Such relatable friends make me ponder why aren't there more webseries out there which focuses on real friendships like these?? So much of positivity just arose from the first episode itself. I'm undoubtedly literally hooked!!!!!

So are we all excited or what??? Share with me your views and feedback while we eagerly wait for next Thursday.


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