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When I Grow Up---A Must-Read Book For All Kids

Name: When I Grow Up
Author: Matt Williams
Illustrator: Elizabeth Collyer
Publisher: Vivid Publishing

When I grow up there's lots of things I'd like to be:
But how am I supposed to know which job is right for me?

This delightful story will encourage children to use their imagination and dream about what their future holds.

The book comes with access to a worksheet for young readers to complete to reinforce the ideas raised in the story.

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Author Matt Williams resides in Newcastle, NSW and is the proud father of two gorgeous kids, Mikayla and Harry. He’s an Early Childhood educator with 15 years experience in the industry. Matt has a passion for encouraging children to read books as he’s seen firsthand the benefits it brings to a child’s development. Matt’s vision for this book is to create a story that provokes discussion and encourages children to dream about their possible future profession. The book comes with access to a worksheet available online to print and complete after reading the story. This worksheet is designed to be an engaging and productive way to reinforce the ideas from the book.


What makes a children's book successful?

I think the real success of a children’s book can only be measured by the author themselves. Every author has a different motivation for writing a story for children. In my case I wrote my book, ‘When I Grow Up’, to inspire children and provoke them to dream about their future and all the endless possibilities it could contain. When I go out into the community and do book readings at schools and child care centres, I can see firsthand that my book is achieving its purpose. It’s very rewarding as an author to see children read my book and be challenged to think and ask questions about their possible future occupations.

How did you start finding your target audience for your debut book?

I’m an Early Childhood trained teacher (3 to 6 year olds) and have spent 15 years working in the industry. During this time I’ve seen the developmental benefits that books can bring to children who read, and are read to, on a regular basis. Having experienced the joy a good book can bring to a child I wanted to get involved and write my own story for children to enjoy. One day my class was focused on a unit of work regarding occupations and this was when I had the idea to write this story. After completing my story I used it in class and the children loved it. It created a huge classrooms discussion and encouraged the children to ‘dream big’ about the future.

What are the next projects you're working on?

I’m hoping to release another children’s book sometime in the near future. I have a passion for encouraging children to get outside and active and that will be the focus of the next story. I believe it’s extremely important for parents and teachers to promote the benefits of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle to children from a young age. In this day and age it’s all too easy for parents to keep children occupied by putting them in front of a screen! I want to encourage families and friends to spend more time with their children in the great outdoors.

Would you consider a tie-up with other new authors for book marketing and promotions?

Absolutely! As a first time author I find the marketing and promotion of my book a real challenge at times. Working in conjunction with other new authors and collaborating to come up with new and interesting ideas would be a real benefit to all those involved. I’d be willing to consider anything that will aid to get my book into the hands of more children to enjoy.

Why are kids more creative and mature than adults, from your perspective?

I believe children are more creative than adults as they are submersided in activities to aid in their development that promote creativity. That’s simply not the case for most adults. For example, a huge part in a child’s development is interacting with others in dramatic play situations. Whether it be pretending to be doctors working together to save a patient or using materials to construct a space ship to be an astronaut, children love to role play and it continually encourages the use of creativity and imagination to engage in these co-operative play situations. All throughout early childhood children love to engage in other creative activities such as art & craft, musical tasks as well as sand and water play just to name a few. Tasks promoting creativity surround our children. Perhaps the key for adults to be more creative is to think more like a child?

Personal Review

Hi, it's great to be back with reviewing an exciting book pertaining to young toddlers and children alike with the upcoming book which I had aforementioned, titled ‘ When I Grow Up’ by Matt Williams. I have read it and I must admit that even through the lens of a young kid, he or she will like to turn the pages over and over again. That's how beautiful and simple the illustrations are. In fact, this is one of the high assets of Matt’s book. It is highly kid - friendly and it stimulates the creative juices and vivid imagination of the young ones from the start till the end of the book. An inspiring and a must - read book recommendation from Joanna, I'm giving it a 5 out of 5 stars, with the extra credit to the ending, the most important sentence in the entire book. Wanna know what it is? Go and read it!!!



  1. Awesome review, Jassie! Thank you for hosting Matt.

    1. Thanks dear for enjoying the review. It is a great pleasure authors like Matt. Being a kidlit author myself, I am further inspired to interview more authors in this genre.


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