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Book Your Way to Finding Laddoos for Seema!!!

For The Missing Laddoos Fans
JANUARY 13TH 2016 Hello ,First, a big thank you! Welcome my dear readers..I'm writing my first mail to you because you showered your love for my words. They must have aroused an interest in Indian savouries especially the ‘laddoos’. No matter how it is spelt, we all know how much of a kid we can be when it comes to the matter of laddoos or laddus. My mouth had already started watering. Perhaps, I would make a small lil laddu for my baby girl. She has a sweet tooth though she's just turning almost 1.5 years old. It's insightful that many have yet to discover the richness and diversity that the Indian culture and food has to offer. It is not only for the Indians but for everyone around the world to feel the labour and love behind one's culinary skills behind such sweet foods. Mummies, don't limit your kids in such colorful laddoos. Rather, I'd say, you too have fun in the indulgence and family bonding. Life presents opportune moments to c…